13 January 2012

I love Windsor

I love going to Windsor - its a treat for me. My friends Vee, Katherine and I went for the day on Dec 29th. As it was just after Christmas, the sales were on. We went in and out of a number of shops, just looking and seeing what the people didn't buy for Christmas. I find it amazing the junk that people buy for the holidays, no matter what part of the world they are in. "Schrott" as the Germans would say is one of the privileges of being in a first world country with a fairly stable economy .... We have money to waste on this junk, this Schrott. But we three were smarter than the average bear and were not easily lured by shiny baubles and such. In fact we found our best finds in the charity shops. The charity shops in England never cease to amaze me, one can find all sorts of things there. Often they are high quality and even designer label, but the prices are minuscule. Last summer for example I bought a GAP miniskirt for £3. It looks as if it's brand new. ....... But back to this most recent visit. I found a cute little seashell turtle, a perfect gift for T. <3 After we tired of darting in and out of shops and bracing ourselves against the cold wind, we headed to our favorite cafe for the ultimate hot chocolate. The Theater Tea Cafe makes a cup of hot chocolate to die for. Vee had the Penultimate, which is hot chocolate with whipped cream (hand whipped) and chocolate shavings and a chocolate mouse. I had the Ultimate White, which is a white peppermint hot chocolate with cream and shavings. I shared a rocky road bar with Katherine who had a Cafe Latte. We were in chocolate heaven! It was amazing!

Our day wrapped up with a walk along the Thames back to Vee's car. Whilst walking along the river, I saw a sight like no other. A flock (?) gaggle (?) herd (?) of white swans were running along the water to take off into the sky. As they begin to rise, they truly run along the surface of the water. The sound of water churning, air and feathers rustling mixes together into a symphony that could only belong to this spectacle. As I said at the start, I love going to Windsor.

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Location:Windsor, England