13 March 2012

Taste of Chile

Im a bit behind on blog posts, but here we are to recap about the cooking class....
My Mom and I took this class, it was my birthday present. Also in our class was a couple from New York and a German girl. Our chef instructor was a Hungarian-Chilean.
We cooks a lot of delicious Chilean foods. My only complaint - the spicy stuff was not was not spicy enough for me. There was sooo much food that I felt like I might never eat again!
We cooked:
Matchas Parmesanas
Tomato salad
Pastel de
Platanos with Palm Tree Honey (those I didn't eat)
Pisco Sour

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Location:Valparaiso, Chile

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  1. I was promised penguins! The cooking looks yummy but I'm waiting on the penguins!