03 December 2012

New York New York

Start spreading the news.....
Well by now it's old news. Troy and I spent Thanksgiving weekend in New York with my cousin and her wife - my Aunt, Uncle and other cousin also flew in for the holiday.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and the opportunity to spend it traveling could not be missed! Although I was last in NYC back in August, the last time I was there as a tourist was about 10 years ago.
New York ten years later, the good, the bad and the ugly:

The good-
Landing in Newark, the sky was clear and the weather was brisk. It felt so appropriate for November.

Trains, subways ... When it comes to public transport, here in Texas, we just don't have it together. New York on the other hand has got it all and Troy and I love it!

New York is beautifully decorated at the holidays. Walking around in Manhattan, we saw the store windows, heard the Salvation Army dingalings (oh but here they were talented!) and enjoyed the season.

Troy and I were able to meet up with our friend Rosalinda and go ice skating in Central Park. I had so much fun once I got my skating balance back. I loved the crisp air, greenery of the park and city scape behind me.

The bad -
Well not everything when one travels is perfect. We had some problems with our subway tickets and they were rendered unusable. Together they had about $10 on them. The agents were not very helpful, but we did get forms to fill out and mailed them in. Now we are waiting on the city of NY to refund our money.

Honestly, I can't think of anything else to fall under the 'bad' category, however I was disappointed that I was a few days too early for the full Rockefeller holiday decorations.

The Ugly -
While we were ice skating, Rosalinda fell and hit her head. She had a fair sized lump afterwards, but she iced it (no not on the rink!) and we went to a pharmacy for painkillers. Despite all this, she was in great spirits.

The trip to New York was a fun long weekend and I was so glad to have had the opportunity to go.

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