03 August 2013

Whener'e You Make a Promise

I've left India, and flown out to England to join my friend Victoria and her Rangers (Girl Guides) on a Guide holiday to Switzerland. We traveled by bus (or as the Brits would say, Coach) from Winnersh, England to Kandersteg, Switzerland. Now those of you familiar with European geography will know that the English Channel separates The United Kingdom from mainland Europe, and busses do not float well enough to swim across the channel!
Thus, we took a ferry. The bus drove aboard the ferry and we were able to get out and enjoy the crossing.

The crossing started in Dover (England). We sailed away, leaving the famous white cliffs of Dover behind in the sunset. It was a lovely time of day to sail off. Once we set sail, we went into the ship to eat the sack dinners we had brought with us. Then we played a game called "Jungle Speed". This is an active, high speed card game. It was a lot of fun.

About half way through the journey, I did something unique and special - I made my promise as a member of Girl Guides UK. I am now a member of both GSUSA and GGUK. It was special for me and made this first journey across the English Channel via ferry very special.

We then arrived at Calais in France and headed back to our bus to continue our journey across Europe to Switzerland.

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Location:On the ferry between Dover and Calais

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