19 October 2014

Hohe Wand

I love the mountains. That's no secret. Having spent nearly a year living in Colorado, I really love the mountains and absolutely relish any opportunity to get back to them. The first day of my visit to Austria, my friends there suggested that we go to Hohe Wand, a nearby kid-friendly area of the Alps. I agreed eagerly. 

As we arrived, we hiked a short trail to the Skywalk, a metal bridge that extends out over the edge of the mountain. Through the grating of the bridge below us we could see climbers, working their way up the cliff face. Soaring in the sky above us were paragliders. At one point we saw 7.

After spending time on the skywalk, we went to a petting zoo and trail,with kid-friendly activities every few meters. A favorite activity was the twisty slide. Even I went down the slide behind the kiddos. As the sun began to set and mosquitos came out to bite, we hiked back to the car, stopping to see some deer, swing on a swing and of course wind our way through a hedge labyrinth. It was a lovely afternoon. 

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