22 December 2011

Christmas Spirit

Those who know me, know that I am not a fan of christmas. I don't hang tinsel, decorate a reindeer or wait for St. Nick. Maybe that's a result of a Jewish childhood and a current Agnostic/Atheist adulthood, but I just don't consider it the "most wonderful time of the year". (however it must be mentioned that I support the post office whole-heartedly by sending cards, and love picking out gifts for friends) especially feel the need to bah-humbug when the stores start selling trees and playing carols in August!
But Christmastime in Germany is ENCHANTING! many towns across the country are host to a Weihnachtsmarkt or a Christkindlmarkt. These Christmas markets are a mixture of traditional decorations and modern art, they are host to craftsmen (and women!) from around the world. They are also a place to meet your friends, enjoy a glass of something hot to drink and nibble on something sweet. I love the way each stall and the general area is decorated. I find that nighttime in the Weihnachtsmarkt is the best - one can see the lights and the steam rising off of your Gluhwein.
But it is not only the Christmas markets that are enchanting, German cities take the time to decorate with lights and greenery. Around every corner is something to see. The evenings are filled with warmth from winter coats and soft glowing holiday lights. It's simply beautiful ..... And sometimes one is lucky enough to have a bit of snow.
These last couple of days I have enjoyed, nae relished in this feeling in Regensburg. On any given day I find Regensburg to be positively wonderful, but right now is the time to really experience this city in Bavaria.
I admit it, being here, I begin to have a bit of excitement, dare I use the word spirit of the Holliday season. And with that I'd like to wish you a happy solstice, happy hannukkah, happy kwanza or happy whatever you wish to celebrate.

Weihnachtsmarkt on Neupfarrplatz.

Weihnachtsmarkt on Neupfarrplatz.

Greenery (lit at night) on Ludwigstrasse.

Weihnachtsbaum in front of the Altes Rathaus

Yes we even saw a bit of snow, although it didn't last long.

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