18 December 2011

The joy of the hot shower

Those who travel long distances will relate....
You step off the plane and despite the fact that all you really did was sit and vegetate, you feel dirty. It's airplane-stink.
Look around an airport - you can tell who has arrived, fresh from home, ready to start their journey. You can also tell who has been traveling. They are the travel-weary.
Right now I sit and type this, and I am of the travel-weary class. I just stepped off a long-haul flight, one that I undertook with a head cold and got exactly 0 minutes of sleep. But I do not appear to be a full-fledged member of the travel weary. I was able to utilize the BA Lounge (because I flew over business class with American) and the lounge has shower facilities! The hot shower I took was one of the most refreshing showers. Despite the facts that I put back on the same clothes, I am clean, smell nice and most importantly feel good!
And now it is time for a short flight to Munich --- let the adventure begin, I am ready!

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Location:BA Executive Lounge North, Heathrow Airport, terminal 5

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