20 June 2013

Like a fish

Germany in June is typically a cool escape from the Texas heat. However this year no respite has been found. It has been hot and humid, sticky and uncomfortable. It's been so hot that our partner school has actually had shortened days due to the heat!
(Just take a moment and imagine if we had that in Texas...)
As its been so hot, it's been perfect weather for swimming. Two days ago I went with my host colleague and her two daughters (aged 8 and 4). We went to a nearby lake. The lake was not too big, but certainly not too small. The water was crystal clear and do refreshing. It was cold at first, but felt great once one was in. The 8 year old had a swim noodle and quickly I became her horse. It was fun to play with her in the water. Then she challenged me to swim across the lake. It must be admitted that I cannot say no to a challenge! I swam across, the water was even colder and clearer in the middle of the lake. I saw huge reeds growing from the deep. I could not have had a more perfect afternoon of swimming.
Yesterday I went to another lake with my two partner teachers. It was a much bigger lake and many more people were there. It was lovely to swim in as well, but not as gold and not as clear. I must admit I missed having an 8 year old to play with - swimming alone is not as much fun! Then connected to the lake was an area known as the beach. There was a small cafe where we had dinner. I got some sun and again enjoyed the day. Swimming in a lake trumps a pool any day!

I must also say that perhaps it was embarrassing to be seen with me as I had on a one-piece suit and here only little kids and really older ladies wear them! My bikini is packed in a moving box....

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Location:Günzburg, Germany

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