03 June 2016

In a fog

My first views of Iceland were in a fog... not just because of the fact that I was jetlagged after the flight, but also  because Iceland itself was shrouded in a fog. 

My friend Kelly and I got in our rental car and headed off in the direction of Grindavik. We were looking for a restaurant called Bryggjan, which another Kelly had recommended. After driving a bit around town, we found it by the docks. 

Upon entering the owner told us to find a seat that that coffee and breakfast would be forthcoming. The breakfast we were served was traditional for the area. It consisted of two types of bread, salmon, herring, egg, tomato, cucumber, cheese and ham. Of course I did not eat the ham. To round off our meal, we were also served Skyr, an Icelandic yoghurt of sorts. It was delicious and a perfect introduction to all that is Iceland. 

Before we left the restaurant, the owner gave us a number of tips of things to do and see. We might need an extra week or two here to accomplish them all! After breakfast, we headed to the most famous tourist attraction in Iceland, The Blue Lagoon. 

Touristy as it is, it was just perfect for our first day. We relaxed in the hot water and worked out all of the stress from flying. We toasted our arrival with an early beer in the lagoon. The water felt amazing!

After the Blue Lagoon, we began to head in the direction Þorlákshöfn, our home for the next two nigghts. However, we did not head straight there, rather we headed into the area around Lake Kleifarvatn. We saw some amazing hot springs, with water boiling directly in the ground. The steam kept us warm and added to the fog around us. 

By the time we reached the lake, the fog had cleared some and we were able to see it a bit more clearly than expected. It is a gorgeous lake, with hills surrounding it.

We drove the rest of the way to our AirBnB. The roads were curvy, and with the fog sometimes it seemed as though we would fall off the end of the road. But we made it safely and then crashed into our beds. It was a lovely first day in Iceland.

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