07 June 2016

Life is a Highway....

Our third day in Iceland, we set off on a journey, out of Reykjavik towards Akureyri. Back home, Google Maps told us that the trip would take about 3.5 hours. Apple maps predicted 4.45. With all of our stops, it took us nearly 10 hours! What a journey it was...

Some of the highlights of the journey:
* Exploring a cave with three large cones of ice in the middle. They had started as snow that fell through the opening of the cave.
* Watching the landscape change from volcanic rock to flatlands to mountains to rocky beaches.
* Breathtaking views.
* Scary mountain roads with high drop-offs and no guard rails!
* Picnicking on the side of the road overlooking a beautiful valley below.
* Glaciers, waterfalls and horses.
* Finally reaching our destination.

A few of the best photos from the journey ..

Raufarhólshellir cave

We were about to enter a tunnel for almost 15 minutes.


Just a waterfall by the side of the road.

Such a beautiful day for a drive!

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