07 June 2011


Ahhhhh a day with the host families. That meant that the teachers got to go and play a bit too!
The best part was the visit to Blaubeueren. We started off at an old monastery, but that's not what this post is about. We then saw the famous Blautopf. It's a part of the river that is suddenly a vivid caribbean blue color. All around it the water is a dark green. It's an amazing differences.

From there we went hiking. I LOVE hiking in Germany. They have a set of amazing 'Wanderwege'. Each is marked with a symbol to help keep you on the correct trail. The symbols will be painted on rocks or trees or stuck in the ground as a small sign. One just needs to be observant to keep on track. And observant we were - we saw wild strawberries, flowers, trees, gliders and the village below.

So observant we were that we lost our marker and ended up on another trail! But we were not worried. Between the five of us (Ian, Kathi, Sven, Carl and I) we had great instincts and knew the direction we needed to go to get back to Blaubeueren. Plus as Carl put it "we are not going to get lost and disappoint my parents" {we were invited there for a grill evening}
We did not disappoint. We followed our gut back down the hills of the Schwäbische Alb and ended up coming into town about 500 yards from Blautopf. Success - and a great hike to boot!

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Location:Blaubeueren, Germany

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