17 June 2011

Signs signs everywhere a sign

Signs are nothing to be scoffed at - without them I'd not be able to navigate my way around the world as easily as I do.....but lately on this trip to Germany I've seen some that are sure to make one think, or laugh...

This one makes me immediately hungry. It is advertising a farmers market - right next to the fields where the products are grown: potatos, vegetables, fruits, eggs and honey. Lucious.

This one has bragging rights - 768 steps to climb the tower. Ulm Munster - alleged tallest cathedral tower in the world. Awesome view!

Then there are those intended to make us laugh - from a school play in Germany: This is the *real* Northstate ghost....

And what about those that shouldn't be taken word for word literally: "Our grill is waiting for your meat/flesh."
Not so sure I want to go into this restaurant......

There are those that just amuse us..... No this is not in Amish Country - just a touristic area of Rothenburg.

Sometimes a sign is boring until a creative person alters it. I am so glad to now know who all of these previously anonymous figures are! Who'd have ever guessed they are all soccer players?!?!

Signs are all around..... Look for them and share - what's your favorite?

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Location:Deutschland, Germany


  1. On the A27 near Arundel (I think) there's a sign forbidding racing by horsedrawn vehicles... bear in mind this is a dual carriageway with 70mph speed limit!

  2. so I dash here to check out what dirndl pix are all about and I find signs!!!!!!!!!

    btw Rob... I thik thatt sign you mention is doubly funny - "no racing by horsedrawn vehicles" does that mean one shouldn't race past them? or that they vehicles shouldn't race?

  3. I appreciate the humor in the sign Rob - Ruth, I promise you dirndl explanations!