26 June 2011

Dirndl - just for Ruth.....

It's the old "when in Rome" situation..... Two German Teachers (Ian and I) take a group of students to Bavaria, German and somehow decide we need to not only talk the talk, but dress the part. Sooo what does that mean: Dirndl and Lederhosen of course!
It started in Ulm. Ian found a deal on Lederhosen at a store called K&L. He tried on about 4 or 5 pairs. One of our students was with us - I've never seen someone laugh so much!

Ian eventually found the right pair (yes, the very first pair he tried on).
He got the whole kit and caboodle and there was no time left for me to look at Dirndls. Oh well.....

Fast forward a few days, and we (Ian, Kathi, Sven, Kathi's parents, Carl and a few other Dossi teachers) are going to a fest. It's the PERFECT opportunity for Ian to wear his Lederhosen (I still have no Dirndl), but at the last minute he backs out....something about the cold.
A few days later the 5 of us (Ian, Carl, Kathi, Sven and I go to buy Dirndls and Lederhosen. (Kathi and Sven were buying them to). We go to a shop that specializes in Tracht (authentic Bavarian wear). And the fun begins.... I believe Sven found what he was looking for pretty quickly. Once I determined my size, I tried on a dirndl in turquoise blue.

Not bad, but I wanted something darker. Easy as pie, I got one darker and wallah, I had my dirndl. This was actually way to easy......

Poor Kathi had a bit more difficulty finding the right Dirndl for her.....

But eventually, hers was found too. Ian also got a second shirt (in purple - for Paschal). Then we took group photos all dressed up.

At this point it was time for the GAPP farewell party. Ian and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to wear our tracht, but we were assured it was not something the others would do....
Unable to convince our German colleagues and friends to do the same, we decided that we needed to wear them at least once in Bavaria before going home. We were met with cheers, compliments and our own private papparazzi.

So now what...... Well we think Dirndl and Lederhosen are just the thing for German events in North Texas as well as the first day of school..... So watch out for some crazy tracht-wearing German teachers!

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Location:Posted in Chile, but happened in Germany


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  2. why thank you Laura! Tracht explained!