02 July 2013

A day with my hosts

I have been staying with a lovely host family this past week. They include Mom, Chriselle, who is a teacher at our partner school, Dad, Thomas, who works for Bosch and 2 lovely Mädels: Jessica, age 8 and Miriam, age 4. Plus I would be remiss if I didn't mention Goldie, the cat, age: 12 weeks. They have been wonderful hosts to me and have made sure that I always enjoyed myself there.
Last Saturday, we had a free day with our hosts. I started the day by sleeping in, something I've not done in months! Then Jessica, Chriselle and I went into the town of Dillingen. Dillingen is the biggest town nearby to their home in Aislingen. Its also known for having a teacher training center. Its not so much about preparing people to be teachers, but rather providing continuing education to teachers. The building it was housed in was beautiful! I'd like to take a course there if possible.

In Dillingen I also saw the cathedral, the Saturday farmers market and shops in town. Jessica had an agenda for us - first we went to the book store. Then we tried to find a yarn craft for her (oh help me out with the word here -- it's one of those things where you have a printed piece of plastic and you thread the yarn through it. It's not cross stitching....

Plus we also bought some fruits and cheese at the market and did a bit of clothing shopping. I bought some books for a friend's twins, a shirt for myself and some tea for myself. It was a great way to spend the morning.

That afternoon I completely underestimated how tired I was. I went upstairs to read around 1pm. We planned to go to Nordlingen in the next 30 mins or so. 3 hours later, Miriam, woke me from my nap! It was too late for Nordlingen, but not too late for a hike out to the Capella nearby. Chriselle, Jessica, Miriam and I hiked to the Capella then over the fields where a castle once stood and looped our way back to their house. The way was sometimes overgrown and grassy, but it was a great walk. It was about 3K, which was about as much as the little legs could take. I really enjoyed it!

To end the day, we finished with a nice meal on the patio with the neighbors and watched the sun set. A great day!

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Location:Aislingen & Dillingen, Germany

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