09 July 2013


We hired a private taxi to take us to several UNESCO sites in the Kathmandu Valley. Harni, our driver was great. We drove through the congested suburbs of Kathmandu until we reached the village of Bushmati. In the center of town was a temple. We walked through the streets to get to it. Harni guided us, asking locals for directions. When we arrived, the town square was somewhat empty, except for a group of kids playing soccer. The temple was a sight to behold.

Then we walked through town to reach a Hindu temple. The walk through town was so peaceful. There were very few motorcycles zipping around, and the ones that did so, were not blaring their horns. This is a town of craftsmen. We saw woodcarvers and weavers at work. We also saw women in the rice paddys, harvesting the grain. It was an enjoyable walk through the village.

Then we reached the Hindu Temple, and while the rest of town had seemed dead or asleep, it was clearly alive here. This temple was up on a hill and it was beautiful. Many people were there, leaving offerings, spinning the prayer wheels and more. The bells rang out and it was clear that the people were joyful there.

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Location:Bushmati, Nepal

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