12 July 2013

You did what on a motorcycle?!?!????

As I have mentioned in previous posts, motorcycles are the mode of transportation that is most frequently utilized here in Nepal. I have learned a lot about these 2 wheeled vehicles and their abilities over the last few days and want to share some my experiences with you.

- Motorcycles have horns (yes I really did not know this) and they are loud and brash and blaring!
- You can fit a family of 4 on a motorcycle.
- You can carry building supplies such as large sheets of plywood on a motorcycle.
- You can strap a week's worth of groceries to your motorcycle.
- You can wear a sari and ride sidesaddle on a motorcycle being driven by someone else. (Tammy even claims to have seen a woman in full Burka driving a motorcycle in India)
- You can hang bags off the side of your motorcycle - and not just off the handlebars!
- Children aged 3+ can steer motorcycles while their parent presses the gas.
- Only the driver needs a helmet (in Nepal and India that is).
- A woman can ride a motorcycle and do her hair simultaneously!
- You don't need a baby seat, just hold on tight to your infant as you ride around.
- You are never too old to ride a motorcycle, even the elderly can do it.
- You can transport a long (10ft +) plastic tube on a motorcycle.
- You can stick your phone in your helmet so that you can talk and drive.
- You can share a rain poncho with your passenger while you drive your motorcycle.
- Your child can simply stand on the running board of the moped while you pilot it.
- Yes you can hold your crutches and your balance on your motorcycle!

And every time I think I've seen it all.. I see something new and equally as shocking!

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