11 July 2013

Let's go to the zoo!

Today we visited the Kathmandu Zoo. Now many travelers fail to visit zoos when they go to a foreign country and I must say, that they are missing out. Zoos will vary from country to country greatly - they vary in layout, set up, animals, amenities etc. I love to visit zoos in different countries, almost as much as I love visiting supermarkets!

The morning today was dry and sunny, so it should come as no surprise that the rain started the moment we headed towards the zoo. The Kathmandu Zoo was a good sized zoo with a lot of animals - especially birds! This is the only zoo in the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Nepal. The pathways around the zoo were muddy and slick and sometimes non-existant. Given these conditions, it was surprising to see some women who were truly dressed up (in heels even) to visit the zoo.

The zoo was home to some unique animals including:

Blue Bull:

Black Neck Stork:

Common Palm Civet:

Clouded Leopard:

Sloth Bear:

Wild Water Buffalo:

Himalayan Blue Sheep:



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Location:Kathmandu, Nepal

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