09 July 2013

Just another day of school

Tammy and I were walking around Bhaktapur and we saw a school. We decided to have a bit of a closer look, as we had seen a number of school kids in uniform all over town. Infact, we had seen kids in uniform all the time and we were really curious about the hours and such of school. We thought maybe they go in shifts.
But...back to the school we saw. We peered in and a teacher saw us and told us we should go to the entrance just to our right. We showed up at the entrance and went to the office and explained that we were teachers from the US and we wanted to know if we could see the school. The first class we were brought to was one of older kids (well aged 9 or so - this was an elementary school) and they were taking exams, so we quickly left, we did not want to disturb them. Then we were taken to an early childhood class. These kids were little littles, some looked as young as two. Most were in uniform, but some were not. Some were even down to their underwear (maybe they'd had an accident and hadn't brought extra clothes?) They were as cute as could be! Their teachers were engaging and they were singing songs. It was just pure joy to watch. As we were there, the principal came over to guide us around the school more. He was very nice and showed us several other classrooms and told us a little about the school. We were always greeted by every class we went to and each class was large and well behaved. The last class we visited, looked to be the 7 & 8 year olds. It was only then that it seemed they had desks, but the desks were long tables and low benches that they sat (cross-legged) on.
The school was so warm and welcoming to us, we really really enjoyed it. Afterwards we speculated what would happen if random strangers from Nepal tried to just walk in and visit a school in America! Such a cultural difference....

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Location:Bhaktapur, Nepal

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