10 March 2011

There's an app for that!

I love my iPod touch....and when I get one I know I will love my iPad. Heck if T-Mobile offered it, I'd have an iPhone. I also love my Macbook. Yes, I am a mac girl and the apps are wonderful!

In regards to travel, there are a ton of travel apps out there. Here are just a few of my faves...I think they were all free. These are in no particular order.

TripCase - just put in your confirmation number and last name and it does the rest of the work for you. It finds your reservation and enters all sorts of information such as flight dates, times, gates, seats etc. Plus it will send you reminder emails and texts as the trip gets closer. Then if anything changes it alerts you as well. I've actually been alerted by TripCase about a gate change BEFORE the gate agent announced it. You can also set up TripCase to send alerts to others who may want/need this info about your travel. Another plus - it will also show you alternative flight times, weather and maps at your destination.

My TSA - anything and everything you want to know about the TSA and it's regulations. One really cool feature -- you can find out the status of the security check point (ie: no wait, 20 min wait, 6 year wait etc)

Gate Guru - Enter the name of the airport and then you can search by terminal to find out information about what there is to eat, services and shops. Often has information regarding security checkpoints and even some tips from other travelers.

AroundMe - (Mary Helen showed me this one!) is a lifesaver! When you are in an unfamiliar city you may still need a pharmacy, supermarket, bank etc. This one will show you exactly where these things (and many other places) are. PLUS it will link with google maps to show you how to get there. It can also provide you with info such as phone number and address.

uPackingListFree - Is an app that allows you to create and utilize a packing list when packing your suitcase. It has common items organized by type (clothes, toiletries etc) but also allows you to add your own custom items. Plus you can "check" things off your list as you pack them. Very handy!

I also should mention that the airlines all have their own apps, as do many airports and cities. I have downloaded great apps such as Ride DC which has the metro map and allows you to plan trips. Anytime I am going to a new city, I search for apps related to that city.

Lastly, a travel related game that a packing nerd such as myself really likes..... Packing Panic Lite. It's all about packing items into the suitcase just right....

Don't forget that there are a number of free apps for language when traveling to other parts of the world! Apps really make a difference in travel these days!

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