21 March 2011

You fill up my senses.....

After visiting the parmisiano factory, we went to a balsalmic vinegrette factory. Wow...another thrill for the senses!

They make vinegrette here in the way that has been traditionally made for thousands of years. In the tradition of Mathilda of Canossa. It ages for up to 25 years. Yes, some of the vinegrette sold is OLDER than all of the students in our group! Amazing. It is aged in wooden casks, the type of wood makes an impact on the flavor. As it ages, it evaporates as well, so the smaller the cask - the older the vinegrette.

Then came the fun part --- sampling! First we tried the youngest product, just barely made. It was more sugar-like than vinegrette. A lot of the students liked it, but to be honest, I did not care for it much.
Then a 5 year aged, 12 years, 20 years and 25 years. Wow amazing -- it gets just better and better......oh but sampling did not end there!
Next a tray of reggiano parmesiano cheese with vinegrette over it was brought out....then breads, then cheese with jellys and sausages and more breads and oh wow the list just went on. It was incredible. Yum yum yum! I couldn't get enough of the cheese & vinegrette combo.

Then it was time to sell us some of the vinegrette.... well lets suffice it to say that it's amazing how expensive this can be! I could not justify spending 45 Euros plus on a small bottle of vinegrette. But then they had a few other options (5 year aged?) that were reasonable. I got 2 small bottles - with different cooking recommendations. The shape of the bottles is also quite appealing - but what is inside is amazing!

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