18 March 2011

When in Italy....eat like the Romans do!

Italy is the land of food....pasta, pizza, gelato, expresso and oh the list goes on!
I think you may have to wheel me out of here when I leave - it's amazing. But I have made some interesting food related observations:

a. The Italian diet consists of carbs, carbs and ah yes carbs. Breakfast is cookies and coffee, lunch is pasta and bread, dinner involves more bread - maybe pizza or pasta. The question is - how do so many Italians stay soo thin?!? (and for that matter how in the world do they walk in stilletos on cobblestones?????)

2. Napkins are present at the meal (unlike in Germany where they are not often as present). They are on the table. No one puts them on their laps. Americans who are likely to drop pasta do put them in their laps!

c. Wine is normal with dinner. Kids as young as 11 (maybe younger) drink it as well.

d. Americans tend to consider salad as the first course. In Italy it comes second or third.

5. Pizza: Americans pick it up and eat it with their hands. Germans eat it entirely with a knife and fork. Italians cut a small wedge with a knife and fork, then pick it up with their hands.

Now the disclaimer is that when I generalize and say 'Italians', I am really only meaning the few that I've had the pleasure of breaking bread with.

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