21 June 2012

Can I just be Canadian?

Today I took a walking tour of Glasgow and the tour guide shared two stories about Americans that made me just want to claim to be Canadian!

1. There is a building, relatively modern, that has a skull build into a ledge on the corner of the building. It's fairly high up, so I can just guesstimate it to be about as big as one of those large blue exercise balls often used in yoga or for sitting on in place of a chair. Maybe it's bigger - but it's fairly big. The reason it is there is because the building is on top of the site that once housed a graveyard and church. The skull is a memorial / reminder of those buried there.
Anyways our tour guide said he is frequently asked (and always by Americans) if the skull is real.
Seriously?!??? Ugh!

2. Yesterday in the newspaper there was an article about other people's perception of Scotland. Foreigners were polled (not those visiting - but rather back in their own countries). One question was: " What do you think of when you think of Scotland?"
(I would imagine answers to include things like kilts, bagpipes, Trainspotting, Braveheart....)
But oh no, the most common answer given by Americans....

Irish People

Really? Really?

Yes I think I need to claim to come from Canada!

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Location:St Enoch Square,Glasgow,United Kingdom

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