11 June 2012

We've got to roll back ....

I am flying back to Europe for the summer - first stop, England.
My first flight was from DFW to YYZ (aka Dallas-Ft. Worth to Toronto). The flight was bumpy to say the least. I was sat in an emergency exit row and I could hear wind whistling through the door and felt the frigid air! Thankfully I had my fleece with me!
It was one of those flights where I never really relaxed ... The guy behind me was kicking the seat or something - regularly (and note I said guy, not kid!), a person one row over from me coughed and sneezed regularly (ick!) and did I mention it was bumpy.
Finally it came time for drink service. Ah yes... The two other people in my row were served. The one flight attendant was just about to ask me what I wanted, when the other one comes up and says "we've got to roll back, it's too bumpy"

Alls well that ends well.... We landed safely in Toronto. I had to go through customs and immigration - they kindly stamped my passport - I picked up and re-checked my luggage..... I went back through security, I was even swabbed for traces of explosives! Walked to my gate and decided that this airport was great ..... They have free wifi!

Soon we will board and I am LHR (London Heathrow) bound .... On a 747! Cool!

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Location:Toronto airport, Canada

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