14 June 2012

Pulses? Sold at Sainsburys.

This morning over breakfast, Oz (aged 4) and I had a great conversation. About the differences in Britain and America. He was very excited to find out the number for 999 in America is 911. He thought it was funny that we call trousers pants and pants underwear....
I like to say that I speak both English and American. For the most part I do, and when I am here I change my vernacular .... I go to the loo, I throw my rubbish in the bin and I sometimes help change nappies or find dummies.
But last night at Sainsburys (it's a regular grocery store) I saw a sign that made me wonder... They sell pulses.

So now I ask of my non-British friends ..... What do you think pulses are?
(answer coming - maybe tomorrow)

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