23 June 2012

J K Rowling wrote here

I like Harry Potter well enough, but I'm not the world's biggest fan. In fact all of the HP connections to Edinburgh/Scotland didn't even cross my radar until I got here.
So I decided to visit a few of the fan hangouts.
I am writing this post while sitting in the Elephant House Cafe. It's a nice cafe, I've just eaten an apple, Brie and Mango Chutney wrap - very delicious .... I'd highly recommend it. Now I am enjoying an elephant shaped shortbread cookie and black currant tea (hot). Also quite nice - but I won't post this until later, when I am somewhere with wifi, as this cafe has none.

So back to JK.... Why did she write here? Well according to the story she was quite skint (poor) and it was cheaper to buy a cup of tea and sit here than to heat her flat (apartment). Now keep in mind Edinburgh is a cold place - its mid-June and 10'C/50'F today.

Now back to my other HP experience.... This has to do with the movie. There is a scene in one of the films where the Hogwarts Express crosses a huge viaduct. Yesterday I rode the Jacobite Steam Train from Ft. William to Mallaig and back. This train, which has a shop to sell you all sorts of HP tat, crosses that great viaduct. I saw at least one child on board dressed like she was headed to Hogwarts.

Now if you read my previous Edinburgh post, you will see I have mentioned another HP connection.
But quite frankly I am, for now, done with HP and am off to go see Dolly the Sheep. (remember her? The first cloned animal)

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Location:Elephant House Cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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