25 June 2012

The Jacoite

A few days ago I rode aboard the Jacobite. This is a converted steam train that runs what has been called "the prettiest train journey in the world". Now I say a converted steam train, because while yes, coal is shoveled and there is steam, it's also running a diesel engine for real power. The journey begins in Ft. William, stops in Glenfinnian briefly and then wraps up in Mallaig. It was an amazingly beautiful journey ...lochs, mountains, tunnels, bridges, flowers, sheep. In Mallaig, I hiked what is called the circular walk, a short 2 mile hike. At first, going against every Girl Scout bone in my body, I was alone. Then when I stopped to try and get some photos of myself a nice young Canadian came along and we finished up the hike together. The day before the weather had been awful - cold and rainy. About 1 hour after I returned to Ft. William it was rainy again, but it stayed dry and lovely for the day's journey.

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Location:Between Ft William and Mallaig, Scotland

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