12 June 2012

Flight playlist

I decided that a playlist for flying was necessary. Why? Maybe it was boredom, maybe it was the idea to get me in the flying spirit. I went through my songs and came up with the following songs:
(all involve flying, airplanes, travel or leaving the ground)
Airport (dich Wiedersehen) - Udo Lindenberg
Alles in die Luft - Wise Guys
Around the World - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Astronaut - Christina Stürmer
Astronaut - Nena
Bass Aboard a Plane - Jay Leonhart
Changes in Lattitudes - Jimmy Buffet
Day Tripper - The Beatles
Engel Fliegen Einsam - Christina Stürmer
Flight Attendant - Josh Rouse
Flugzeuge im Bauch - Herbert Grönemeyer
If it's Tuesday this Must be Belgium - Peter Hamilton Orchestra
Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter Paul and Mary
Luftbahn - Deichkind
Man on the Moon - REM
Mann im Mond - Die Prinzen
A Shot to the Stars - Whitley
Star Trekking' - Dr. Demento
T.B. on a Jet Plane - Capitol Steps
Ticket to Ride - The Beatles
To the Moon and Back - Savage Garden
Willkommen an Bord - Reinhard Mey
Wir Fliegen - Nena

As I've sat here I've thought for example that "Daniel" probably belongs on this list, and I'm sure that there must be more John Denver songs that would fit my list too.

I'd love your suggestions about what else should be a part of this list.

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