30 June 2011

Sunset on the beach

Living next to the beach I try and take advantage of it.....the sound of the waves, the beauty of the water and the amazing sunsets. I have 2 weeks of this privilege. Oh it is amazing.

My favorite time of day is sunset. The sun begins it's descent and the water is painted orange. Despite the cold, the beach is alive...kids play soccer barefoot. In the sand, vendors sell their wares, couples cuddle up to each other, tourists take photos and locals run along the shore. A brave few (or a crazy few) go in the water...
The water is painted orange, blue and white. The horizon begins to glow. Birds circle overhead in the sky that is becoming deep blue - almost the color of a sunny summer's day. Occasionally birds dive into the frigid water for food. The sun sinks. Ships come in and out of view on the horizon, gliding silently in and out of view. They are barges, laden with cargo containers bound for ports unknown. As I look at them, a familiar tune passes through my head
.....out of my window looking in the night, I can see the barges flickering light....barges I would like to go with you, I would like to sail the ocean blue......
Crash! The sound of the strong waves cresting brings me back to the scene at hand. Crash! The waves pound the shore as the sunsets further. The water no longer has an intense line of orange, but rather a general orange tint. The horizon glows orange, more and more intensely. The sky is darkening, blue slowly changing to black.
The people begin to depart, the lights on shore twinkle more intensely, the sky glows bright, but almost suddenly, as if someone blew out a candle, the sky is dark, and I am left with the sound of the waves and the lights of the barges and of the city behind me. Sun has set on another day in Viña del Mar, Chile.

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Location:San Martín,Viña del Mar,Chile

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