16 July 2011

I need a few napkins...

I've been enjoying Brazil and have been remiss in updating the blog....
But it's about 2am Brazilian time and why sleep? (I'll regret this in the morning)

Let's talk about one of my favorite topics: food!
Now my dear friend Daniel P., who I am visiting, chides me for not eating enough - but I am stuffing my face with wonderful foods here in Brazil....

Let's start with Pexce Agulha:
They are small thin fish that has a mouth that ends in a long beak. These fish are coated in a batter and fried. We break off the heads (beak included), squeeze a bit of fresh lime juice and eat them down to the tail. The bones are so thin that you eat them without generally noticing them. This is an appetizer.

Camerónes de la Laguna:
Shrimp cooked in a coconut sauce. Served with rice and pirão.
A thick yellow sauce that is served over rice. It reminds me a bit of a Turkish sauce - or a weak curry.
I did not care much for the Camerónes, because I don't like shrimp much, but I loved the Pirão and want the recipe!

Saco de Cachju
there are so many fresh fruit juices here. They often mix them with a bit of milk and blend it like a smoothie. I don't recall what a

is, but it was delicious!

For the Americans out there reading my blog, this is the Brazilian version of a rice crispy treat. These are sold at stands on the side of the road, made at the homes of the women who sell them. It is a gooey patty of shredded coconut held together by a sugary paste. There are many different flavors. My friend Daniel insisted that I try them all (except Platano - banana because I don't like bananas!). The flavors I tried were:
Quemado (it's chocolatey)
Manga (that's mango in Portuguese)
Abacaxi (no idea, but tasty)
Leche (milk - my favorite one)
Goyaba(this might be guava)
Coco (traditional plain coconut - my other favorite)
The lovely ladies at the stand also gave me a baggie of Suspiros, which are meringues. Yum!

Pexce Pexcada:
This is a dish with a white fish that is cooked in coconut milk with spices, tomatoes, spinach and peppers. It was savory and again the flavor reminded me of the foods I had in Turkey. I think this has been my most favorite food in Brazil. It was served with rice and pirão! Yum!

Dulce de Leche or Ambrosia:
This sweet treat is made with milk, eggs (scrambled), sugar and juice of a lemon or orange. Sadly it was eaten too quickly before it could pose for a photo...

Tapioca com Coco:
This was an interesting dish that appeared at breakfast. It looked a bit like a tortilla. It was nothing like a tortilla. (other than shape, color and size). This was a round patty of shredded coconut held together with tapioca. It was very chewy and a bit bland in flavor, but I liked it :)

I have tried a number of foods here - not all have been documented, but all have been enjoyed. I especially love all the fresh tropical fruits!

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