17 July 2011

Dear Flyers

Dear Fellow Flyers,
We are about to spend a period of time ranging from 30 min to 18 hours in a pressurized metal tube as we travel from point A to B. Thus I would like to offer some suggestions on little things that could make it a more pleasant journey.

Upon boarding:
- please watch the 8 carry-on bags you are schlepping, I am not keen on them hitting my face.
- when you put this 15 bags in the overhead bin, please watch your body parts, I'm not keen on your rear or armpits being in my face either.
- when you finally drag your self into your seat please watch the arms, bags and jackets that you drape over the seat in front of you. again I am not keen on them hitting me in my face.
- oh and please don't pull back my seat like it's a roller coaster bar - I am sure the pilot will do his best to give me whiplash via turbulence. You do not need to help him, neither does your child every 10 minutes.

Now speaking of your offspring, please remind them that:
- I really do not appreciate the massage effects on my chair every time they kick it.
- the tray table is not a toy to be opened and closed repeatedly.

Lastly I wish to remind you that we share the arm rest, please react accordingly.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read these tips. I appreciate that you give them just as much attention as you give to the flight attendants during their safety lecture.

With greetings from the friendly skies,
Your fellow traveler.

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