28 July 2011

I could live here

I was home. Well that is how I felt. The last couple of years I have had a desire to live in another country. I'd always thought it would be Germany or England. Germany because I love it there and I speak the language, England because I have such good friends there. Going to Chile I didn't even put the idea of living there on my radar. But it crept up on me until it became a big flashing beacon shouting out "look at me!" I love Chile and I could live there.
The first time I explored Valpo, I found that my favorite Cerro (hill) was Alegre. I felt safe there, I liked it. I went back and realized that if I lived in Valpo, I'd want to live on this Cerro. The houses have character and history. The walls are bright and colorful with art/graffiti. The streets are clean and charming. Even the funicular is a fun one! I love the charm of Cerro Alegre. On my second visit, I mentioned to my teacher from ECELA that I would want to live here if I lived in Valpo. She told me it was a pricey area. (jeez that figures). My third visit I was walking around with two gringo friends, and I mentioned again that I wish I could live here. One of my friends simply said: you can.
He's right. I can.

Me at the lookout of the Cerro - ocean and Andes in the background.

One of the charming corners of the Cerro. This house was actually the scene of a soap opera that was simply called: Cerro Alegre.

Some of the incredible graffiti in the Cerro.

Calle Tempelman - one of my favorite streets. Posed for this photo are Brishon and Carolina.

Cafe Brighton - they make a mean Pisco Sour!

I knew that this was my home when I saw graffiti in German that reads: we can do everything!!

And a few more pics of the Cerro.....

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Location:Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso, Chile

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