19 July 2012

A good Bayer

I love Pfifferlinge. Pfifferlinge are a special type of mushroom. They are only available at a certain time of the year, luckily that is usually late July, when I am there. Pfifferlinge can be cooked in so many different ways, but a favorite and traditional method is to serve them in a cream sauce over Semmelweis knödel.
On my train from Vienna to Berlin, I had just that. Now I usually do not order food on a train, it's overpriced! BUT after the long journey from Bucharest, I just wanted a hot meal. I must admit that while it smelled good and didn't look half bad, the knödel were rubbery and the pfifferlinge were too salty.

So fast forward to yesterday mid day. Silke and I were walking through Regensburg and we saw (at a fresh fruit / vegetable stand) fresh pfifferlinge. I mentioned that if I could, I would take home a crate full.

{Note to any customs agents monitoring my blog - do not worry, I know it is not allowed and no fresh fruits or vegetables or meats will be in my luggage. Especially not the latter as I am a vegetarian!}

So Silke suggested we make semmelknödel with a pfifferlinge cream sauce. I thought the idea was great. Once we returned home with 400g of pfifferlinge, we had to clean them. Thanks to "Tante Google" we learned that one should cover them in flour, then wash it off as the best method of cleaning the mushrooms.

Then we cooked them with onions and parsley.

At the same time the bread for the knödel was being prepared, soaked in milk and egg so that balls could be formed.

After cooking through, cream mixed with flour was added to the mushroom mixture. The dough was formed into balls, and put into boiling water.

The cream sauce continued cooking. Once the knödel began to float, we knew they were finished.

In the end, we served the knödel with the cream sauce over them.

Charlotte showed us exactly how a small Bavarian Mädel eats her Semmelknödel!

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Location:Regensburg, Germany

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