15 July 2012


The plan was simple, wake up at 4:40, leave the hostel by 5:15, take the 5:36 train to Constanta and visit the Black Sea. Unfortunately, due to an incident with a lost key, I was unable to leave the hostel in time for the train. This I was forced to change my plans. I had heard many people say that Sinaia was worth a visit, so I decided to go there. Was it worth seeing? It certainly was!

Peles castle is in Sinaia. It's about a 30 min hike uphill from the train station. The castle was beautiful from the outside and magnificent on the inside. Unfortunately taking photos inside was not permitted. This castle had sme unique features including a secret door in the library and castle wide automatic vacuum system. This cleaning system was installed in the 1930's and still works. The entry was grand, the rooms contained beautiful hand carved wall murals, floors and more. In fact in one room alone, more than 14 types of wood were used. One room we visited displayed weapons from around the world, another displayed the china they used for dining ( it was blue).

The King and Queen who lived in Peles Castle (embarrassingly I have forgotten their names and have no Internet to look it up as I write this!) had only one son, and he died at age four. Thus they adopted their nephew Ferdinand, and set him up to be their heir and next King. He was given his own castle, a five minute walk uphill from Peles. His castle, Pelisor Castle, was slightly smaller, but just as lovely from the outside. I didn't tour the inside though.

Sinaia was a beautiful day trip from Brasov, and I highly recommend a visit to anyone who is traveling in the area.

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Location:Sinaia, Romania

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