15 July 2012

Hey wait this isn't Dracula's castle!

If you have read my earlier posts about Bucharest, you will know that Vlad Teles aka Vlad the Impaler was also known as Dracula. Even if he was not the Vampire that Bram Stoker made him out to be, he was a dangerous, violent, blood thirsty individual. But it's time to dispel some of the myth:
* He was human, thus garlic could not repel him.
* He ruled Bucharest, not Translyvania.
* He did not drink blood from his victims.
* He had a castle, but not the one that everyone calls Dracula's castle today, but as it no longer exists,the one in Bran is now the one associated with him.
* He was imprisoned at the castle in Bran.
Vlad lived for a time in Brasov, he fell in love with a local girl, Catherin. She was the most beautiful girl around. The people of Brasov did not want him to be with her - they did not want him in their midst, as he was such a dangerous man. They began to cut her hair - at that time, short hair on women was considered guy - with the hopes that he would no longer love her. This did not work, he eventually married her.
And the rest as they say is history.

So bak to Dracula's castle, which really isn't his castle... Please don't tell this to all the merchants who make money selling Dracula products to unsuspecting tourists!

The castle itself is on a hill in Bran. It's not huge, but is a nice castle with great views of the valley below. At this point I will just let the photos speak for themselves.

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Location:Bran, Romania

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