22 July 2012

Where Giants Tread

Some places are known around the world, Cambridge University is one of them. Nestled along the river Cam in England, Cambridge is a beautiful university town with buildings that date back to BEFORE Columbus discovered the "New World".

Walking through Cambridge, visiting the sites, one cannot help but hear of the greats who stood here before.

Newton, Darwin, Watson, Crick, Hawking, JJ Thompson, Whipple....these great scientists studied and learned and discovered here. But they also lived here and left their mark on the town.

Here is Darwin's microscope in the Whipple museum. I stood staring at the actual microscope that Charles Darwin actually used. I learned that he spent an extraordinary amount of personal money on this microscope because he was so serious about his science.

Stephen Hawking's contribution to the town was in the form of this clock, the Corpus Clock, which he did not design. Perhaps that is why it is only exact once every 5 seconds!

The Cavendish Laboratory - I am in awe of all who study there.

As I sat in The Eagle, tucked into a fireplace table, I wondered if Watson and Crick had ever sat there and discussed the possible shapes and structure of DNA.

Not everyone who attends Cambridge studies the sciences, and of course not all scientists make world-changing discoveries, but I am sure that all who study at Cambridge have the resources for greatness available to them right at their university.

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Location:Cambridge University, England

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