14 July 2012

Four towers... We're serious

See this gate on the old wall in Brasov, you may notice it has a big tower in the middle surrounded by the four little ones.

Look at this church, you may see it has the same design - a big tower in the middle, surrounded by four smaller ones.

In fact, now that I know to look for this, I am seeing it throughout Romania. This is not just a medieval design trend, but rather a message, a warning if you will.
If the town gate or castle in town had this design, it meant the ruler of the town had the right to use the death penalty if a crime was committed.
If this was found on a church, it meant that the priest had the right to impose the death penalty as well.

It's amazing what one learns through free. It's tours.
Oh for the record, unlike Texas, today there is no death penalty in Romania.

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Location:Brasov, Romania

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