16 July 2012

Green beer and other odds and ends from Berlin

I wanted to share a few other photos and stories from Berlin, none of which really fit in with my other posts....so here are my odds and ends from my quick visit to Berlin.

Yes, that is green beer...no its not St. Patricksday. This beer is called a Berliner Weiß, and typically it comes in two varieties: grün/green or rot/red. Grün is flavored with Waldmeister syrup. If I was to translate that to English, basically you have forest ranger syrup - which does nothing to help describe the flavor. Quite honestly, I don't really know what the flavor is - but I like it a lot and find it better than red. I think the red is cherry - but don't quote me on that.

This was an ad in the subway (Schönhauserallee station) that I liked. It made me giggle. It's an ad for recycling. The clear bottle tells the green bottle "I love you." The green bottle tells the clear one "we have to separate."

Berlin's official mascot is the bear. All over town one finds these bear statues, often painted with logos of a company. Apparently the US Embassy has decided that when in Rome, one should do as the Romans (or Berliners in this case). This Statue of Liberty Bear is in the front window of the US Embassy in Berlin. I was amazed that we were allowed to take photos of it!

Apparently even Berliners can't resist a Bavarian dressed in Lederhosen with beer!

These crosses are new memorials for people who lost their lives trying to escape East Berlin to the West. The one on the far right is for the unknown victims of the wall.

Some street art, stating "and it was summer." quite an appropriate sentiment given that the weather felt more like mid-fall than mid-summer.

The sign for the stop success driving school - their website URL really cracks me up: pimp-my-driving style!

It's really hard to see in this photo, so you will have to take my word for it. This is on a menu at an Asian restaurant. The menu was in German and English. The English translation informed one that their meal would come with "smells rice". Hmmm.... Stinky?

Waiting in line for the Pergamon Museum, I came across this bike. It looks like someone decided the basket would be a great trash can - kudos for not littering, but something tells me the bike's owner will not feel that way when she finds her basket full of trash.

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Location:Berlin, Germany

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