16 July 2012

Bunte Schokowelt

Ritter Sport chocolate is amazing. They are a German chocolate company, that has been making chocolate for 100 years. Some of their best-selling flavors (such as peppermint and whole-hazelnut) are exported around the world, including to the US. What I look forward to, however, are the seasonal flavors every winter and summer. A few years ago, one of the summer flavors was yoghurt-lemon, and one winter flavor was amaretto. I keep hoping that one day those flavors will return. They haven't yet, although this summer they have a white-coconut that I find fantastic!
In 2010 (maybe in the fall?) they opened a store / museum in Berlin. This is called "Bunte Schokowelt" - colorful chocolate world. That it is. The museum takes one through the process of making the chocolate, beginning with extracting it, finishing with it being on the shelf at a store.

The museum also takes the visitor through the history of the company. One can learn about how they began, where the name came from and more. I really enjoyed seeing the advertisements of yesteryear. Plus there were a lot of fun photo ops!

My friend Carrie and I enjoyed peppermint hot chocolate in the cafe, and of course bought some chocolate.

But the really cool part of the visit was the opportunity to make our own chocolate creation.

For a small fee (okay it was nearly 4€, but that's the price for fun), you choose the type of chocolate (white or milk) and three items to mix in. There was probably 15 - 20 mix-ins available.

I was quite excited to see that my favorite addition, lemon was one of the three "mixings of the month!". One selects their chocolate and mixins, then a chocologist mixes it together.

It is then poured into a tray, shaken to fill it completely then left to set. One must wait about 45 mins before collecting their chocolate.

My chocolate creation had:
White chocolate with pieces of lemon, cornflakes and chili.
You may be wondering how that tasted, the truth is I have no idea - I am saving it to share with Troy when I get home. But trust me when I say I can't wait to try it.

Visiting the Bunte Schokowelt was a fun experience and I'd suggest anyone going to Berlin go and indulge the chocolate lover in themselves!

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Location:Berlin, Germany

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