05 July 2012

A good run

Traveling to Regensburg as much as I do, I feel I know it well and am comfortable going anywhere in the city. Plus Regensburg lies directly on the Danube river. Put these two facts together, and Regensburg was the perfect place for me to run.
I found a route that was just about 5K, although once I went further and once I ran a bit less.... But average 5K.
It's a beautiful route, and I am going to share it with you. (Note: I didn't take pictures during my run, I went back and walked it with my camera.)

I head down the stairs to the trail next to the river, here at the bridge, whose name I do not know. This image is facing away from town, the direction I will run.
This is a popular trail, and no matter the time of day,I encounter many others: runners, cyclists, dog walkers and more.

The original trail is uneven, paved with rock. It comes as no surprise to me that many others have created their own trail. I run on the smoother trail of compacted dirt.

I run right past Herzog Park. This is a favorite spot in Regensburg for my friend Carrie. It is truly a beautiful park.

I run right past this clearing in the woods. The sign tells me that is a memorial to the famous poet Schiller, and that there are bat houses. Today during my walk, I took the time to see both.

At this point, I can see I am about to reach the waterworks bridge.

I take these stairs to get up on the bridge:

Do you notice one side of the stairs seems to be a flat ramp? That is so that cyclists can walk their bicycle down the stairs (or the more daring can ride down it).

As you can see, the bridge is not only home to the water works, but also a lock for boats. From the bridge I can see the Autobahn 93 and looking the other way, I can see some of the towers that give Regensburg the nickname: " The Northern Most City of Italy"

When I cross over the bridge, I am actually on an island in the middle of the Danube. This island has been made into a park, and is a peaceful place to live a bit closer to town.

The first thing I pass is the fitness park and then the playground. I tried both of them out. I"ll let you guess which was more fun!

This is my favorite part of the run. The river is on my left, trees shade me overhead and parts of the trail look like it may never end. Did you notice the number 5 peering out from behind the tree? Those mark the trail and to the best of my knowledge, each one is 1/10th of a kilometer.
Just after this bridge, the trail becomes less secluded as I am back in the city. I depart from the actual trail itself and head back onto the roads.

I make my way back to the bridge by where I started. This time I have to cross over the bridge. This bridge is very unique, but if you want to know more - you will have to wait and read my post about the Locks of Love.

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Location:Regensburg, Germany


  1. Im noticing that it is a lot cleaner there than here. Even in thw touristy areas its not what you would consider exceptionally clean. Very very pretty over there. Wish i could be in two places at once.

  2. That is a big part of why I fell on love with Germany - it is so clean, so green and I always feel that it is so healthy there.

  3. That is part of why I fell in love with Germany - its so clean, so green and I always feel that it is so healthy here.