09 July 2012


Yesterday I spent the day at Herastrau park with the local Couch Surfing group. We boated on the lake (paddle boats and row boats), we had a picnic and then we played a card game called Macau. This game is apparently very popular in Eastern Europe as the guy from Poland also knew it well.
It reminded me of UNO and was a lot of fun.
To play you simply need a standard deck of cards. Taking turns (in a circle or group) each person plays a card/s their turn.
The rules are quite simple:
* You can either put down a card of the same number or same suit.
* if you have multiple cards of the same number (different suits) you can play them all at once - as long as the first one matches the suit in play. So for example if the last card was a 10 of hearts and I had a queen of hearts, spades and clubs - I could play all three queens.
* if you put down a 2 or a 3, then the person after you must draw that many cards UNLESS they can appropriately play a 2 or 3 or joker - then it accumulates onto the next person.
* if a person plays a four, it skips the next person. If they play multiple fours, then that person is skipped for as many rounds as fours were played.
* if the black joker is played, the next person must draw 5 cards and the person after that has the freedom to play ANY card they wish.
* the red joker follows the same rules as the black one, but instead 10 cards are drawn.
* aces are used to change the suit to whatever that person wishes.
* when you have one card remaining you must call Macau! If you don't, then you must take 5 cards from the draw pile.
* the winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards.

Good luck and have fun giving this game a try!

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Location:Strada Lipscani,Bucharest,Romania


  1. I play that with Oscar (up to the 4's rule - we don't do from there on.)

    we call it - uno! We do have uno cards as well though.

  2. Well I did start by saying it was a lot like UNO ....