16 July 2012

They wrote what??

While in Brasov, I picked up a free copy of Brasov, In Your Pocket, a tourist map / guide. It has some great explanations for things to see and do in the city. But a few things just made me laugh, or wonder exactly what they were trying to say. I'd like to share a few of those with you.

"Brasov's railway station is not half as bad as many others in the country."

(after mentioning taxis) "Cheapskates can take bus number 4 into the city centre."

"The Citadel was abandoned in the 17th century, after technological innovations made cannons stronger than the building."

"The Citadel has in recent years hosted a restaurant, cafe and nightclub amongst other things, never fulfilling its real potential."

"Above it is the White Tower, which you can climb up to via some very steep steps - do not try it unless you are feeling extremely fit and agile."

"Where there are no walkways you can stroll along the quiet path."

"The Romanian Schei district to the south (left) is a spaghetti of small streets, jumbled houses and cemeteries, petering out to the hills."

"The original Gothic interior has suffered under the renovations."

"Set over two and a half acres of forest on the outskirts of the city, this adventure park is the answer to all of your 'what shall we do with the kids today' prayers"

"As signposting is minimal, you'll just have to guess what the different rooms are for."

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Location:Brasov, Romania

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