15 July 2012

You lightweight witch!

In the courtyard of Bran Castle was a scale and an explanation of its use. I felt that this story was well worth sharing!
Threats of witchcraft weren't taken lightly, think about the Salem Witchcraft Trials in the US. In Romania as well as other parts of Europe, they had a method for determine if someone was a witch. This was called "putting on the scales" It was a commonly held belief that a witch would weigh much less than it appeared they weighed. Of course this was a system that could be easily and readily abused. Many people were tortured as a result. But, often they were weighed against a bible, and let's face it, what adult weighs less than a bible?!?

Some towns saw a way to raise profits from this. For a small fee a person could be weighed (voluntarily) and then receive a certificate to verify that they were indeed human and not a witch or follower of Satan. This practice was so successful, that some towns had a backlog of people waiting to be weighed!

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Location:Bran, Romania

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